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A never to be forgotten experience...

Welcome to Crocodile Encounters where we bring you face to face with some of nature’s most magnificent reptiles - for education, or just for fun...

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A real life crocodile.....in your lounge!

Our children’s parties captivate youngsters.  The essence is on fun as we introduce our reptilian family and  let the children get up close and personal

What better way to learn about reptile species , their  habitats, behaviours and importance in the world’s environments than in the flesh.  Our experienced tutors  can cater for all age groups from

pre-school to GCSE

We’ve got everything covered.

First set up 14 years ago, in Australia,  we have been presenting Crocodile Encounters to UK audiences for almost 8 years now.

We care passionately about the conservation of these very special creatures, and believe that by creating an unforgettable  real life experience, we can help educate children whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

FUN : From  Bearded Dragons on the party girl’s head, to  seeing how many children it takes to hold a python, we know how to engage children and keep them entertained.

EDUCATION:   You’ll be surprised  what children retain when they are enjoying themselves.  We have plenty of facts up our sleeves.  

SAFETY: It’s the number one priority and we have never failed to keep everybody safe and sound

Spring is on its way

If you’re planning a garden party why not give us a call and invite some special guests!

Posh new home for our family….

How our reptiles are loving their new, larger house  in Surrey.  With state of the art climate control and security we might have to work hard to get them to come out and play!