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Hi, we are Richard and Jo Cooke, proud owners of  Crocodile Encounters in the UK.  It’s a family business with a special passion for reptiles, children’s entertainment and education.

You will find some basic facts about us below, but I love nothing more than talking to people about what we do so if you would like to know more, please pick up the phone and call 0845 020 4364.  Hope to hear from you soon....

Our Approach
The Team

We exist to provide safe, fun and educational entertainment to children of all ages. Our shows are interactive - yes, we allow children to touch and hold our animals; to pass them between each other and discuss how they are feeling.  

It’s an exciting moment, most children have never got this close to  big reptiles before and we are there to encourage, educate and keep everybody safe.

We are trusted year after year to present at establishments such as the Natural History Museum, the London Wetlands Centre.

We are happy to tailor our shows for your specific needs and vary the level of educational content that we include

Above all, we guarantee an unforgettable experience!.

Jo has worked with Richard presenting reptiles at schools, Libraries and nature centres

She particularly likes the snakes and especially when it comes to feeding time.

Georgie loves our reptiles and never misses an opportunity to show them with us.  

She’s especially popular with children  so we often use her at birthday parties and schools.

Georgie’s favourite reptile is the Bearded Dragon because they are so friendly and funny to watch when they are feeding. Quisque sodales. Donec suscipit suscipit erat. Maecenas condimentum tincidunt lorem. Vestibulum vel tellus. Sed vulputate. Morbi massa nunc, convallis a, commodo gravida, tincidunt sed.

Crocodile Encounters is a family run business based in the South East corner of Surrey.

For the safety of our animals, we will not travel further  than a 100 mile radius.  That still means we can cover the whole of the South East of England including all parts of London.  Over the years we have performed  in some rather special places for some rather special people,...no  request is too big or too small.

All of our shows are offered at a competitive  fixed price yet we will always ensure your party is tailored just for you.      

Call us now on 0845 020 4364 to discuss your  party or show’s requirements

All of our family have had years of experience handling reptiles both at home, and through Crocodile Encounters.  We also employ a couple of local lads to help us deal with the volume of shows that we support.